Meet Business Greats and Learn about Economics 起業家に学ぶ経済学

ポール・タナー,宮田学 著
B5判 100頁(2019/09/26)
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This book is designed to help Japanese EFL university students learn business vocabulary, improve their English reading comprehension and communication ability, as well as learn about the lives of important business leaders. Most of the profiled people are Japanese that students are at least a bit familiar with. All the materials have been piloted and then modified to best suit student needs.
Pre-reading activities include a vocabulary review, and scaffolding and schema building activities to activate students’ prior knowledge and prepare them for the readings. The pair-work dictation activities are warm-ups for the longer reading passage and use some of the selected vocabulary. The readings are not merely standard business profiles. Instead, the personality and philosophy of the business people are featured, with an emphasis on their uniqueness and business contributions. Reading comprehension questions include both global and detailed questions to review content and the main ideas. Every unit has a task, which is a communication activity that leads to deeper discussion of the ideas presented. There are three review units with quizzes on reading content as well as a vocabulary review of important economic terms.




Part 1 : Forerunners
Chapter 1 The Legacy of Hachirobei Mitsui
Chapter 2 The Father of Japanese Capitalism
Chapter 3 Bringing American-style Franchising to Japan
Chapter 4 The God of Management
Review 1 [Chapters 1~4 ]

Part 2 : Modern Business Leaders
Chapter 5 Balance Spiritual and Material Happiness
Chapter 6 Pleasure in the Process
Chapter 7 From Businessman to Philanthropist
Chapter 8 Overcoming Obstacles with Vision
Review 2 [Chapters 5 ~8 ]

Part 3 : 21st Century Entrepreneurs
Chapter 9 Japan’s Airbnb for Satellites
Chapter 10 Learn How to Learn
Chapter 11 Live Life to the Fullest -- Now !
Chapter 12 The Richest Man in the World
Review 3 [Chapters 9~12 ]

Pair Dictation [Student A ]
Chapters 1&2
Chapters 3&4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapters 7&8
Chapters 9&10
Chapters 11&12

Pair Dictation [Student B ]
Chapters 1&2
Chapters 3&4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapters 7&8
Chapters 9&10
Chapters 11&12